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    VRS - Vapor Recover System

    The VRS unit was specifically designed to treat the external exhaust of reflow systems. The VRS is used to minimize fluid consumption which significantly reduces operating costs.


    The model VRS is a high performance vapor condensing recovery system. A proprietary condensing column condenses working fluid out of the exhaust air vented from a Vapor Phase reflow system and captures it in cooling water. The fluid is trapped and extracted from the water in a separator making it ready for immediate reuse. Water chilling is achieved through the effective use of an ice bank. The chiller unit keeps an ice reserve in the chiller tank.


      The R&D VRS connects in series with the exhaust vent from a Vapor Phase reflow system and exhausts to the factory vent system.
      The unit is normally left on at all times, even when the Vapor Phase machine is not being operated. This feature allows for generation of the ice bank, which provides for quick start up. The unit is designed minimal attention during normal operation.
    Dimensions: 33.5" L x 34" W x 73" H
    Weight: 400 Lbs
    Electrical Requirements: 208/240 VAC, 1 Phase, 25A, 60 Hz
    Initial Fill: 25 Gallons Water, .75 Gallons inert working fluid
    Recovery Efficiency: 50% to 75% of the Vapor Phase unit's loss rate
      Low Operating Cost
      Low Maintenance
      Rapid Payback
      Compatible with most existing makes of Vapor Phase machines


    AMS - R&D - VRS datasheet