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    Solvent Degreaser



    Liquid vapor degreasing with solvent has been an accepted method of precision cleaning for over 50 years. It incorporates washing, rinsing, drying, and solvent reclamation in compact, cost-effective unit. This alone makes it a very attractive process for many production cleaning applications.

    Degreasing and the Environment

    Environmental concerns raised in the last decade have changed both the chemistry and hardware technology for degreasing. Solvents have been modified or replaced to eliminate ozone depletion potential and other hazards. Equipment designs and operating processes have been totally re-engineered to reduce solvent losses to near zero. All Branson solvent degreasers meet NESHAP regulations, Environmental Protection Agency directives, and other applicable regulations. 

    Further, combining your Branson Vapor Degreaser with 3M Novec® HFE engineered fluids you have the environmentally responsible and "Best Practice" solvent cleaning system in the world.


    The Solvent Advantage
    There are many benefits provided by solvent degreasing. Key among these are:

    • No process chemistry to mix or maintain
    • Solvent is reclaimed automatically in the unit - no significant waste stream
    • Few process variables to be managed
    • Very easy and cost effective to automate
    • Results are not operator dependent
    • Cost effective to purchase and operate
    • Typically smaller footprint


    A Simple Process

    Perhaps the most attractive aspect of liquid vapor degreasing as a cleaning technology is the simplicity of the process itself:

    • Parts are placed in a basket or carrier
    • They are moved into the vapor zone (A) for pre-cleaning with hot vapors
    • Then parts are transferred to the precision cleaning sump (B) for ultrasonic cleaning
    • Parts cooled in the cleaning sump are returned to the hot vapor zone (A) for final rinsing

    A final stop in the freeboard area (C) allows any residual solvent vapors to return to the vapor zone


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