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    R&D Technical Services was formed in 1996 to support the Vapor Phase Reflow (VPR) market and is currently the leading American source of Vapor Phase equipment.  The principal owners are former Senior managers of the now defunct Centech, and R&D continues to support service and repairs on those units, when possible.

    R&D Vapor Phase machines are being used everyday in a wide variety of such markets as, but not limited to: SMT Solder Reflows, Lead Free Soldering, Curing, Drying, Mechanical Attachment and Plastic Package Testing.

    Vapor Phase is the leader in Safe, Repeatable Heat Transfer 
    with such advantages as:

    • Uniform Temperatures
    • Fully Automated
    • Fast Even Heat Transfer Regardless of Product Size or Mass
    • Superb Pre-Heat Flexibility
    • Minimum Liquids Times
    • Absolute Limits to Maximum Temperatures
    • Low Oxygen Environment 
    • Highly Repeatable
    • Rapid Start-up From Shut-Down
    • Easy to Use
    • Short Setup Time
    • Vibration Free,  Patented Conveyor Pallet, Keeping the Product Horizontal
    • Low Maintainence Costs
    • Timed Cool Down
    • Combined with The R&D VRS - Fluid costs Are Low

    Lead Free Soldering was at one time a purely European phenomena (2002 WEEE and RoHS directive ).  Today it is a Global way of life and Vapor Phase Soldering (VPS) is the ideal method of attachment and repair for Lead Free Boards.  Even the military is launching small forays into the lead free world.  Again, VPS perfectly addresses the key issue - tin whiskers.  With VPS they are a virtual non issue - as long as you know what you are doing, and R&D does!

    screen-shot-2011-03-03-at-10.56.18-pm.jpgUsing VPS, and only by using VPS, can you absolutely control the temperature on the board and the maximum temperature any component will see at any time during the process.  No more over heating or exposing smaller components to 265˚C in order to reflow that certain 235˚C BGA.  Further, R&D Technical Services has demonstrated and built units that are capable of controlling the ramp rate on a board to less then 1/2 a degree celsius per second, over and over and over.  No Thermal Shock to boards and components.  The Beauty of the process is that VPS does not care about color, location or even relative size of a part. 
     All the VPS process concerns itself with is the total mass of the board, compared to the mass of vapor generated in the machine.  

    The controlled preheat and ramp rate greatly reduce, and or elimnate, the formation of tin whiskers in lead free joints.  No longer does it take a day or so to set up a machine to get a reasonable temperature profile.  Select the boiling point of the working fluid to match the temp you need for reflow, fill the machine and turn it on.  It is that simple!


    non-traditional-profile.jpgLastly, the process is done in an inert atmosphere (perfluorinated fluid vapors) that greatly reduce the formation of oxides on the surface and greatly improves the cleanability of the board as a result.  So forget the claims of "Pop Corning", tomb stoning, or tin Whiskers.  Choose R&D VPS and rest easy. 

    With a customer list that reads like a virtual Who's Who in the world of SMT and Electronics Manufacturing, R&D continues to lead the way with its award winning VaporWorks™ Vapor Phase re-work station, winning award after award when it was introduced,

    Recognizing that every firm has its own special requirements, R&D has built many standard units, but also has built an equal number of custom units for clients around the world.

    AMS Materials has been dealing with Vapor Phase technology since 1982.  Over the years VPS has always found a special place in the business.  Today - VPS is clearly the best technology for reflow of complex Lead Free boards.  In this business experience counts.  With R&D and AMS you are working with the best.  




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