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    Precision Cleaning


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    Cleaning is a part of just about any manufacturing process.  There are any number of industrial cleaning techniques and technologies from gross cleaning to precision cleaning.

    Common Uses:
    Metal Finishing
    Military Aerospace include LOX/GOX
    Semiconductor (in-fab and ex-fab)
    Electro Optics.

    Precision Cleaning is generally a function of temperature, chemical and mechanical action.  The selection of a chemical agent is very complicated as there are a myriad of choices of machines, detergents and solvents that are available commercially.  Working with 3M and Kyzen we can select the exact cleaning profile your demanding application requires.

    Branson Ultrasonic Equipment includes:

    • Ultrasonic Generators
    • Ultrasonic Tanks
    • Immiscible Transducers

    HYDROFLUORETHERS (HFE) Fluids are among the most successful of the new generation of precision cleaning solvents and azeotrope like solvents for vapor degreasing  – a complete line of nonflammable, non-ODS solvents that exhibit a unique balance of environmental, safety and performance properties.  They strike an outstanding balance between all these needs.

    Characterized by good cleaning performance, zero ozone depletion potential, low global warming potential and low toxicity. Low emissive losses and low drag-out losses contribute to cost savings. And because Novec fluids are nonflammable, they can be used safely in a wide variety of applications.

    Kyzen Aqueous surfactants and rinse aids are perfect for removing mounting wax residues post solvent cleaning and its rinse aids promote rapid drying and spot free drying.




    Why AMS Materials?
    Anyone can sell you chemistry or sell you machines.  Only AMS Materials has the experience and relationships with leading channel partners to provide you with “Clean Parts”, which is really what you are looking for!

    Call us and we can schedule a meeting to evaluate if we can help you produce Optic Materials faster with lower variable costs




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