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    CHRISTO-LUBE® brand perfluoropolyether (PFPE) greases have established themselves as the lubricant of choice for use under moderate to severe conditions, both terrestrial and otherwise.  It is the Fluorine of the base stock and thickener that makes them so special.

    There are two fundamental structures of Christolube:

    CF3-[(O-CF-CF2)a-(O-CF2)b]O-CF3 CF3 


    Having said that, both backbones show similar and highly desirable properties;

    • Extremely wide operating temperature range
    • Superb thermal, chemical and solvent resistance
    • Nonflammable.
    • Extremely long life and stable over changing temperature and pressure ranges
    • Liquid and gaseous oxygen compatibility (BAM AND ASTM D-2512)
    • Low vapor pressure (up to 10-12 Torr - Low evaporation rate)
    • Wide operating temperature range (-90˚C - 290˚C)
    • Non–toxic behavior
    • Non–reactive with metal, plastic, elastomers and rubber
    • Good low and high temperatures wear properties
    • Clean room compatible


    Classic Applications include;


    • Wing flap and tail rudder/speed brake actuators
    • Hydraulic system, cargo bay doors/bay lift arm
    • Screw seat adjustment gears, and the oxygen system
    • Oxygen valve bearings
    • Breathing pack and arm/leg joints bearings
    • Optical adjustment bearings and gears
    • Oxygen system, docking hardware, treadmill, instrument bearings, valves, and switches
    • Pump seal and bearing lubricant in chlorine or strong oxidizer service
    • Satellite Bearings
    • Jet engine thrust actuators

    Electrical / Automotive / Semicondcutor

    • Wing flap and tail rudder/speed brake actuators
    • Meets USCAR insertion force and circuit resistance standards
    • Prevents contact wear, corrosion and fretting
    • Electromechanical sensors
    • Throttle and fuel sensors
    • EGR valve
    • Multi-Function Switches
    • Anti-lock Brakes
    • Fuser roll bearings
    • Vacuum equipment. 
    • Robotic arms, platforms, and 
    • Linear slides  


    • Sintered Metal Bearings
    • Computer disk drives 
    • NSF approved Food Applications
    • Oven locks
    • Flip-phone hinges
    • Fishing Reels and compound Archery pulleys
    • And many More