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    Kyzen Corporation Organized in 1990 to develop innovative and environmentally safe cleaning products. These products were designed to replace ozone depleting chemicals used to clean electronic assemblies, silicon wafers, optical lenses and metal parts. Much of Kyzen’s technology, then and now, are derived from renewable resources or have been selected for their more favorable performance and environmental properties.

    Founded in Nashville, Tennessee, KYZEN is the worldwide leader in the precision cleaning industry. KYZEN products are proven and effective on a remarkable range of challenges:

    • silicon wafers,
    • aluminium tubes,
    • medical implants,
    • electronic assemblies and the
    • solid rocket motors on the space shuttle.

    KYZEN’s Nashville, Tennessee USA Operation is unique with extensive Research and Developmental, Applications Testing, manufacturing and Global Headquarters functions. These best in the world facilities are complemented by our Applications and Engineering Laboratory in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. These laboratories are fully equipped to support product development, analytical services, process development and customer process support challenges.