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    In-Line Vapor Phase Systems


    Back in 1973 when ATT patented the vapor reflow process, the use of condensation reflow soldering was viewed for its core benefits,  Very fast, clean and consistent reflow.  Manufacturers that used it then loved it for several reasons, it allowed them to change component suppliers and the color or dimension of the part did not effect the quality of the solder.  Also setting up a machine took a few hours versus as much as a week for IR ovens of the time.  It worked great.  However, what killed the use was the cost of operation.

    VPS equipment manufactures of the time were mostly firms that had built vapor degreasers and the technology of the time was not Vapor friendly, meaning, the technology of containing vapor was not anywhere it is now.   When CFC-113 was selling for 50 cents a pound, containing vapor was not a concern.  Once working fluids were $30/lb (at the time) the cost of running an in-line machine was its downfall.  The technology was valid, but the cost was off the charts.  Temperature control and ramp rates were not understood like they are today as well.

    Today R&D Technical Service leads the way in vapor containment and cost effective manufacturing using in-line VPS technology.  The reservoirs are a fraction of the size and vapor containment technology has never been better.  The result is that today in-line vapor reflow is not only cost effective - but also the simplest and most reproducible technology around.  Unfortunately, there are still a lot of engineers around that remember those days - so there is still some drag on its widespread use due to the issues of the past.  But please remember, all those issues have long since been addressed. 


    High quality Vapor Phase performance in a Belted Inline application with Left to right flow.

    • Fully Automatic Inline Operation
    • 10” or 8” Belt Width
    • Recipe Storage
    • Fluid Filtration
    • Preheat
    • Cool down


    The RD10 is ideally suited for mechanical attachment and high volume heat transfer applications.rd10.png

    The RD10 provides consistent, uniform and reliable heat transfer in a Belted Inline application for high quality reflow, curing and drying. The RD10 utilizes user friendly controls coupled with a fully automatic inline operation to deliver High Volume Reflow. This system uses a single fluid to generate precise temperature in the reflow chamber. This fluid is environmentally safe and contains NO CFC's. The RD10 also integrates top and bottom ceramic preheats which allow the user to create the ideal thermal curve for their specific process.

    APPLICATION: The RD10 was designed to accommodate high volume applications which are not sensitive to a slight incline at the vapor chamber.



    An inline vapor phase system featuring left to right product flow.

    • 15” x 18” Working Envelope
    • Adjustable Pin Chain Conveyors
    • 4 Zone Preheat
    • Horizontal Reflow Position
    • SMEMA Interface
    • 250 Recipe Storage
    • Fluid Filtration
    • 3 Level Password Protection
    • Convected Post Reflow Cool-down

    The RD52 vapor phase reflow oven is Perfect for higher volume production and inline processing




      RD10 RD52 RDB25
    Belt (Pallet) Size: 8" or 10" (18" x 15") (21" x 25")
    Clearance Height: 1.5" 1.5" 2.5" to 4.0"
    Unit Size: 118 L x 34 W x 44" H 162" L x 46" W x 46" H 120" L x 53" W x 46" H
    Power Required: 208 VAC, 63 Amps, 60 Hz 208 VAC, 100 Amps, 60 Hz  
    Main heater: 7.5 KW Immersion Tubular Heater  
    Preheat: 3 KW Individually Controlled, 4 Zone  
    Operating Temperature:    |--------------------------------{ 175˚ to 300˚C depending on fluid used } -------------------------------|
    Water Requirements:   4-6 GPM 25˚C - 40˚C  
    Inert Fluid Capacity: 4 gallons 5 gallons 3 gallons


    AMS - R&D - RD10

    AMS - R&D - RD52