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    Heat Transfer

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    Integrated circuits are generally built on Silicon or Gallium Arsenide wafer bases and include a large number of different components, such as transistors, capacitors and other electronic devices that are connected by multiple layers of wiring, or interconnects.  Regardless of whether an integrated circuit is made with copper or aluminum.

    Controlling the temperature of the substrate in the respective chamber to within 0.5°C is possible using perfluorinated fluids, segregated and non-segregated Hydrofluoroethers Electronic Liquids. Not having to worry about electrical shorting in the event of a leak can only be done with such Fluids.

    Perfluorinated Fluids provide the same superb temperature control, however with a much-improved Environmental profile and significantly lower Global Warming Potential.

    Perfluorinated fluids working fluids have an added advantage over water and water/glycol mixtures in that they do not support biological growth.  Additionally, in the unlikely event that a leak should occur, their incredibly high dielectric properties do not damage the wafers or other electronics in the process.

    Common Uses:

    • Semiconductor Chillers  (-90°c to +215°C)
      • Semiconductor Etch /Ash / Implant
        • For all Poly, Trench, Dielectric, Metal, Nitride and Low-k etch applications for 200mm and 300mm wafers.
      • Thin Film Processes
      • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) / PVD
    • Other Thermal Control Systems
      • Lasers /Photonics
      • Medical / Pharmaceutical
      • Military / Aerospace
      • Analytics and Instrumentation

    Further Semiconductor facilities require lubrication that is low outgassing and high load carrying while being stable in high oxygen environments.  Only CHRISTO-LUBE ® perfluorinated lubricants can reduce the number of lubes in you fab while providing a 10-13 torr vapor pressure.  if you are using FomblinTM or KrytoxTM  why pay more??


    Why AMS Materials?
    AMS Materials has worked with all the major tool and chillers manufactuer's and we can help you select the proper thermal management fluid for your particular use.  Via our exclusive relationship with 3M, you get more than a terrific product—you also have global access to a wealth of knowledge and value-added services that help keep your equipment up and running at peak efficiency.



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