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    Optical materials (OM) are either crystalline or amorphous (glass-like) solids that can transmit visible, ultra-violet (UV) or infra-red (IR) radiation.

    In the course of producing Electro Optic devices for night vision or weapon systems, the Optical Material generally needs to be mounted or fixed. This is done using a wax or a pitch that is very persistent when it comes to cleaning.


    Further, when it comes to Planarization of the substrates, AMS - 3M - Trizact Diamond Fixed Abrasives are the industry standard for flatness and reduction of fugitive soils and plant dust via the elimination of the use of aggregate.  Trizact is without question the fastest and easiest way to planarize an OM.

    Hydrofluorether fluids are among the most successful of the new generation of precision cleaning solvents for vapor degreasing – a complete line of nonflammable, non-ODS solvents that exhibit a unique balance of environmental, safety and performance properties. Low emissive losses and low drag-out losses contribute to cost savings. And because Hydrofluorethers fluids are nonflammable, they can be used safely in a wide variety of applications.

      Kyzen Aqueous surfactants and rinse aids are perfect for removing mounting wax residues post solvent cleaning and its rinse aids promote rapid drying and spot free drying.

     Branson Ultrasonics cleaners are the oldest, largest and most respected name in Ultrasonic cleaning machines worldwide.  Whatever size or degree of complexity, Branson does it, and does it well.benchmark-custom-3.jpg

    Why AMS Materials?
    At AMS Materials we have worked with Branson | Bransonic | Greco Brothers | Kyzen in this market segment in some cases for over 10 years.  Recently we have been able to develop a system for the removal of these mounting waxes and pitches that has been demonstrated to be extremely effective. 


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