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    Cleaning is, almost by definition, a part of any manufacturing process. It may come in at the raw material prep stage, some intermediate manufacturing stage, prior to surface finishing such as plating or painting or before final packaging. 

    There are any number of industrial cleaning techniques and technologies from gross cleaning to high precision cleaning each particularly suited to a range of applications. As might be expected there is often overlap in technologies for a specific cleaning job. While sprays, brushes, or agitation may be appropriate in some applications there will be others where they will just not get the job done. 

    Ultrasonic cleaning has a set of attributes that differentiates it from many of the other cleaning approaches.

    Ultrasonic cleaning can offer:

    • Non-directional cleaning - clean where the sound and solution go, not just where the transducer is aimed.
    • Reduced or eliminated need for disassembly, uni-directional sonics save you time
    • Consistent results - non-operator dependent
    • Non-contact cleaning - only the soil is removed, not the substrate
    • High efficiency - cleaning multiple parts at one time




    Following our 4-Step Approach To Success, there are few cleaning problems that we cannot tackle

    1. We begin by studying your application. We look at everything from the size, shape and configuration of your parts to the material and manufacturing process you use. We can even uncover ways to cut manufacturing costs or overall process time, while remaining environmentally responsible. 
    2. Unlike some vendors that address only one type of cleaning chemistry, we offer you equipment for the industry's widest range of cleaning chemistries - aqueous, solvent or semi-aqueous
    3. After we determine the right chemistry, we put together the process requirements.
    4. Whatever your process requires, Branson has the equipment. From washing to rinsing to drying, we offer the broadest range of technologies to tailor the system to your specific needs.


    AMS - Branson - Your OEM Partner

    Precision Cleaning Evaluations

    Branson has maintained a professionally-staffed, on-site Application Laboratory for over 30 years. During this period, we have detailed over 4000 specific cleaning applications. This information is available to you through our sales engineers. Chances are we have experience with cleaning just like yours!

    AMS - Branson - Lab Capabilities 2010

    AMS - Branson - Tech - Ultrasonic Primer