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    Electro-Optics Cleaning

    Photonics Definition: The technology of generating and harnessing light and other forms of radiant energy whose quantum unit is the photon. The science includes light emission, transmission, deflection, amplification and detection by optical components and instruments, lasers and other light sources, fiber optics, electro-optical instrumentation, related hardware and electronics, and sophisticated systems. The range of applications of photonics extends from energy generation to detection to communications and information processing. (http://www.photonics.com)

    Kyzen Corporations answers the needs of engineers in all fields including military, automotive, telecommunication, aerospace and healthcare equipment. Kyzen Corporation offers modern cleaning chemistry proven effective on:

    • Grinding polish and slurries
    • Paint, Pitch & Wax
    • Fingerprints
    • Glass swarf


    Precision imaging optics, eelctro-optics, filter lenses, fiber optics ferrules and prisms can all safely be cleaned using Optisolv products.

    Electro Optics cleaning is probably the most stringent cleaning application there is.  Combined with Branson™ Ultrasonics, AMS Materials can help you develop a cleaning process that actually works with ease.


    AMS - 3M - TDS HFE-72DA


    AMS - 3M - NOVEC Dirt is a Problem


    AMS - Kyzen - Metal/Optics

    AMS - OP7021_DS1 000

    AMS - OP7153LF_DS1 000

    AMS - OP7171_DS1 000

    AMS - OP7175_DS1 000

    AMS - OP7180_DS1 000

    AMS - OP7201_DS1 000

    AMS - OP7321_DS1 000

    AMS - OP7432_DS1 000

    AMS - OP7440_DS1 000

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