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    Branson™ Immersible Transducers


    Just about any size, shape and frequency is available for your particular application - please inquire 

    Branson immersible transducers provide versatile ways to add ultrasonics to new or existing tankage in a variety of industrial settings. Type 316L bright annealed stainless steel construction permits use of a wide range of cleaning chemistries. Hard chrome is offered as an option in severe applications. The hermetically sealed immersible transducers are available in two standard sizes and four mounting configurations. This allows for maximum versatility of transducer placement on tank walls or bottom to optimize cleaning. This selection is supplemented by our fabricating capability for custom sizes. The standard 40kHz transducer is capable of being driven by 40, 80, 120 or 170kHz - providing you with the ultimate in flexibility.Branson offers either piezoelectric or magnetostrictive technology in its immersible transducers. Both types offer excellent energy conversion, stable performance under all operating conditions, and are guaranteed for the life of the system. Piezoelectric transducers are offered in multiple frequencies from 25 kHz to170 kHz. Generally lower frequencies are preferred for large, massive parts while higher frequencies are for more intricate parts and small particle removal. Magnetostrictive transducers are offered at 20 kHz and are best used where high power or focused energy is needed.

    • A variety of junction box and cabling schemes for easy installation and maintenance.
    • Hastalloy C for corrosive chemistries
    • Hard chrome or titanium nitride coatings for extreme wear applications.

    Each group of Branson immersible transducers must be served by a power supply operating at the same frequency (20, 25, or 40 kHz) and rated for the same number of transducer elements.

    Branson offers three transducer configurations - FC, EB, and CB - which vary according to their mounting means and electrical connections:

    Type FC

    The most versatile type; does not require holes in the tank. May be side or bottom mounted using integral mounting flanges. Watertight 3' lead cables included. Special lengths available; also right-angle fitting for tight radius turns.

    Type EB

    For bottom-mounting, especially where undertank clearance prevents use of type SB. May be affixed to tank bottom, using integral mounting flange. Standard 1¼" mounting fitting supplied; other lengths available.

    Type CB

    For side-mounting; most commonly only in high-power applications. One or two bulkhead fittings, depending on transducer size. Supplied with 8' RF cable, which allows master junction box to be remotely located. Special length cables available.

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